Lighting for me is a passion; it’s about balance and creating a ‘feel good’ factor for a particular setting. I see myself as painting with light when I work on a project and I’m always looking for ways to create different effects that work for all budgets.

When I’m creating an individual scheme, it’s about creating pools of light to highlight different pieces, bringing them ‘out of themselves’ and at the same time ensuring that they blend in well with everything else. There are so many different ways to do this and much depends on the type of room, the interiors and the desired effect.

Some of the best lighting can be achieved when a fitting or light source is concealed to create a soft wash of light onto an area or object.

There are various options for lighting and with good design any room or exterior can be visually stimulating and exude an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. It’s all down to choosing the correct fitting to ensure that the right effect is created.

Often when clients commission me to design a scheme for a particular project, it’s all about trust. Lighting is about creating an effect, but not a product that can be shown to the client beforehand, so they have to trust me. Every project is unique and it is always important to understand the requirements of the client before designing a scheme so as to incorporate their tastes into the design and achieve that ‘wow factor’ for the end result.

– Rob Clift